Born in Karad, the city of two holy rivers of Maharashtra – Krishna and Koyana. Educated at Panchgani the most beautiful hill station and center for the cream education.

Received higher education in Pune, the city famous for intelligence and social, cultural reforms. So naturally Pune became the working place. Lecturer in Hindi, then Reader, Associate Professor and Head of the Department and it gave a meaning to the wonderful living and careerist personality. This small personality on the vast background of universe and earth and the field of oceanic Hindi literature called Padmaja Ghorpade. The field of education recognizes this personality as Dr. Padmaja Ghorpade and the literary field of Hindi says ‘She is a poetesses, writer, critic and translator‘.

The personality which has named Padmaja Ghorpade is always in a search of beauty lies in every particle at life and nature and tries to understand it in a various aspects and dimensions and tries to interpret it and then bows before this unbelievable creations. This personality wonders and tries to know mysticism which lies behind all things and matters. The small span of life and the endless world,universes beyond universe always attract her.So this personality. i.e. I feel that literature is the best path to walk on and to understand lives, which lies in one life. To know the surroundings, complications, conflicts, diversities, unities, complexities and get ultimate goal i.e. ‘Aanand’– Pure and holly everlasting joy- there is no other better path than an Art and Literature. So I devoted myself to creativity, poetry and always try to become one with it. This oneness gives meaning to life and existence: helps to understand the human life and nature and believes and also live life in a better way.


I want to share my creativity with others so this Profile. Creativity and creation cannot be only for the creator i.e. ‘Swant Sukhay (For the sake of only my pleasure). In the process of creation it may be so but when the creation is completed and the creator becomes a spectator then both i.e. creation and creator require an appreciation. An appreciation may be in both ways – positive, negative. But it is must because dialogue,dialogue between creator and reader, creator and creativity is very essential, necessary. So why not use this modern mass media?

This profile contains my selected books, literary work, and special achievements also my writings, views, perceptions and understandings. My struggle to understand the life , lives , human nature ,and relations between human being and relations with nature and with others ,with universes and even with death and the life afterwords always gives me inspiration ,energy and positive attitude. It reflects in my creation too: in poems, short stories, even in those books which I selected for translation. I want to know, to understand these complexities; even in media writings and the result is that the book ‘Bhasha ki Adalat main Samachar Patra’ (Print Media in the Court of Language)is born. People who have no any blood relation with me influenced me and motivated me, helped me in a adverse situations in such a wonderful manners that they built up my my personality. It is very warm and positive, peaceful side of the life.So short story books- Guttham-guttha (complexities) and Rishton ke pare Rishte (relations beyond relations) are there with full charm.

I hope you will join me on this path as a traveler of the same road.

You are most welcome

Literature – Creativity, Poetry is her comfort zone

Spiritualism – Mysticism, Philosophy is her life

Nature – every form of nature is her inspiration

People – To read them is her hobby

Life –To understand life and life beyond life is her motivation

Love – To love every aspect of life and human beings gives meaning to her existence